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DDE Ransomware in a Macro-less Word Document

Malware Family: Vortex SHA256 Hash Value: bd61559c7dcae0edef672ea922ea5cf15496d18cc8c1cbebee9533295c2d2ea9 View the Full VMRay Analyzer Report Macros in Microsoft Office have been used extensively by malware authors as a mechanism to download and execute a malicious payload on a system. Defensive measures introduced by Microsoft such as disabling macros by default have not stopped malware authors as they […]


Persistent Emotet Malware with a Crafty Social Engineering Technique

Malware Family: Emotet SHA256 455be9278594633944bfdada541725a55e5ef3b7189ae13be8b311848d473b53 View the Full VMRay Analyzer Report With security ever more tightly integrated into operating systems, malware authors often rely on the unwitting participation of an end user to enable malicious action. Social engineering techniques have evolved significantly over the years and last week the VMRay Research Team identified a crafty […]


6 Ways Intelligent Monitoring Improves Malware Analysis Accuracy & Efficiency

This is the second blog in a two-part series describing how VMRay Analyzer’s Intelligent Monitoring capabilities remove the noise from malware analysis. Read part one. VMRay Analyzer’s hypervisor-based monitoring approach provides total visibility into the behavior of a sample under analysis and enables monitoring only parts of the system related to the analysis. This makes […]


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