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Intelligent Monitoring: Removing the Noise from Malware Analysis

This blog post is the first in a two-part series describing how VMRay Analyzer’s Intelligent Monitoring capabilities remove the noise from malware analysis. In dealing with potentially malicious files, incident responders and IT security teams are swamped with information in the form of log files, reports, alerts, and notifications. As a result, it is critical […]


Preventing Sandbox Evasion with Randomized Filenames

In the malware analysis community, it is common to rename a malware sample to its hash value or add the hash to the filename. This helps analysts easily identify a sample and to store it with a unique filename. This strategy saves time and empowers collaboration. A drawback, however, is malware can use this as a […]


Agentless Detection – Locard’s Exchange Principle Applied to Cybersecurity

Marketing departments of Cybersecurity vendors around the globe go into overdrive when they can shout from the rooftops that their solution is ‘agentless’. Sure, that sounds good, but why is this so important? And what is truly agentless? To appreciate the importance of an agentless approach, we’ll go old school and invoke Locard’s Exchange Principle.  What […]


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