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Poweliks Malware – Filelessly Persistent

Malware Family: Poweliks Hash Value SHA256: 4727b7ea70d0fc00f96a28de7fa3d97fa 9d0b253bd63ae54fbbf0bd0c8b766bb View the Full Poweliks Malware Analysis Report One of the key features released in VMRay Analyzer v2.1 is the enhanced analysis of fileless malware (also referred to as “non-malware”). Fileless malware is defined by malware analysis expert Lenny Zeltser as “..malware that operates without placing malicious executables on the file system.” An important […]


Password Protected Word Document Connects to TOR Hidden Service

Hash Value SHA256: 3a813df1c8f1e835cc98dd60b799c64e61 db51a259ee30b7235004ccb3c9df64 View the Full Password Protected Word Document Analysis Report Password protected documents are an effective method for malware to bypass anti-virus (AV) and other detection solutions. Typically the AV will not be able to parse the password required from the text of the email used to send the malicious document. […]


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