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VMRay Analyzer v2.1 Enhances Detection Efficacy & Fileless Malware Analysis

VMRay Analyzer 2.1 will be officially announced at Black Hat 2017 this week. Over the last three years, VMRay has set itself apart from the competition in the Automated Malware Analysis (AMA) industry with its unique agentless hypervisor-based approach to malware detection. This approach enables DFIR Specialists and CERTs using VMRay Analyzer to detect new […]


Built-In YARA Rulesets for Increased Efficacy and Classification

YARA is an open source tool that helps malware researchers identify and classify malware by family based on known binary patterns and strings. YARA works by ingesting rules and applying them against various elements of the analysis (such as files and registry keys) to flag potentially malicious files and processes. Signature-based detection with YARA rulesets has its […]


Petya/NotPetya/ExPetr Cyber Attack is More Wiper Than Ransomware

Malware Family: (Not)Petya Hash Value SHA256: 027cc450ef5f8c5f653329641ec1fed 91f694e0d229928963b30f6b0d7d3a745 View the Full Petya Analysis Report According to Microsoft, the Petya (also referred to as NotPetya/ExPetr) Ransomware attack started its initial infection through a compromise at the Ukrainian company M.E.Doc, a developer of tax accounting software. We took a closer look and did a full analysis using VMRay […]


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