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404 Error Page Hides RAMNIT.A Worm in the Source Code

Malware Family: Win32/Ramnit Hash Values MD5: 089dc369616dafa44a9f7fefb18e8961 SHA1: c4a2430634b7ca7427d2c055dbbb1fb8cd42a285 SHA256: 4ebafa2738f11d73d06dddf18ce41cf 02c6913f431f2b383f7abaa0d04419f2f Most of the time, links aren’t dangerous without user interaction. Recently, we discovered an innocent-looking link for a JPG picture that prompts a user to activate ActiveX on IE. Leveraging a social engineering technique, if the user activates ActiveX their machine will be infected […]


VMRay Analyzer Identifies Resume Containing Evasive Malware

Recently, we received a seemingly innocuous job application with an attached Word document called “resume.doc”. Let’s take a closer look at the malicious behavior embedded in this fake resume. Upon uploading the Word doc into VMRay Analyzer, the signature was sent to our built-in reputation service, where the file hash was queried against known malicious […]


‘Close Enough’ Doesn’t Count in Cyber Security

Even though enterprises spend millions every year on information security they still remain vulnerable to persistent cybercriminals in a world where cybercrime like ransomware is pervasive. Organizations cannot afford to do the “bare minimum” when it comes to threat analysis. As the saying goes, ” ‘close enough’ only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades” and not in cyber […]


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