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Jaff Ransomware Hiding in a PDF document

The challenge for a malware author today has more to do with creativity than a deep technical understanding. There are plenty of good trojan building tools out there to make the job easier. But once the author has a finished creation, the big challenge is how to get the finished product to the victims. Embedding […]


Wanna Decryptor Worm Spreads Over MS17-010 Vulnerability

About one month ago, the Shadow Brokers hacker group published a set of NSA hacking tools, that included zero-day exploits. One of these exploits is known as the ETERNALBLUE Server Message Block Protocol (SMB) vulnerability (MS17-010). It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. A malware author used this vulnerability to spread ransomware […]


Anti-Sandboxing Techniques in Cerber Ransomware Can’t Detect VMRay Analyzer

A new variant of Cerber ransomware is in the wild and has built-in anti-sandbox tools to detect hooking-based sandbox environments, as explained in this article by Cyphort. The limitations of a hooking-based approach, where a driver is injected into the target environment and ‘hooks’ API calls,  allow the malware to easily detect the analysis environment. This […]


Detect, Analyze, Block: Introducing the VMRay App for Phantom

In dealing with potentially malicious files, IT security teams in most organizations are challenged with arduous forensics and mitigation processes that involve a series of manual, repetitive tasks. The VMRay App for Phantom seamlessly integrates Phantom’s security automation and orchestration platform with VMRay’s agentless malware detection and analysis. This enables security teams to mitigate the […]


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