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Introducing the VMRay Analyzer Add-On for Splunk

Multi-vendor security frameworks are a reality in virtually every enterprise. InfoSec teams need to manage that reality in order to protect the organization’s assets and data against targeted cyber-attacks and advanced malware. Deploying multi-vendor products means that there can often be challenges related to interoperability and integration. At VMRay, we are committed to ensuring that our […]


Undetected JScript Dropper Installs Sage Ransomware

A popular method to distribute malware (especially ransomware) is to send a JScript file (*.js) by E-Mail or prompt a user surfing the web to execute a file. The goal of this type of attack is to bypass filtering systems that warn users trying to open attachments with certain file extensions (e.g. .exe) or disallow […]


[Video] Analyzing a Malicious Microsoft Word Document

One of the key features in VMRay Analyzer 2.0 is the built-in reputation engine that identifies known malicious or known benign files in milliseconds. The addition of the reputation engine gives Incident Responders and Malware Analysts a powerful “One-Two” combination of rapid threat detection and detailed analysis of malware behavior. To illustrate the benefits of […]


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