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AtomBombing Evasion and Detection

A new code injection technique is effective in bypassing most analysis and detection methods. Code injection has been a favorite technique of malware authors for many years. Injecting malicious code into an otherwise-benign process is an effective way of masking malware from anti-virus and sandbox detection. It is used to bypass end-host firewalls and to evade sandbox monitoring. […]


Goldeneye Ransomware Uses COM to Execute Malicious JavaScript

There is a new ransomware going wild in Germany called Goldeneye, which is a variant of Petya. It’s targeting German-speaking users via email by attaching an application (Bewerbung) in Excel format (xls). At the time we started analyzing the Goldeneye malware, VirusTotal scored 9/54, but the score varied for different attachments, some were as low […]


Hancitor Uses Microsoft Word to Deliver Malware

There have been several variants of the Hancitor malware family seen in the wild over the past several months. Recently, Carbon Black, a VMRay integration partner, provided an in-depth analysis of a specific strain of the Hancitor Malware family that uses a Microsoft calendar identifier to deliver malware to unsuspecting users. We did a full analysis in […]


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