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Powershell Ransomware – a PowerWare Deep Dive

Malware authors are always looking for an edge to evade detection and extend the useful life of their creations. In the constant cat-and-mouse game between malware authors and security vendors, malware authors must constantly revise and reinvent their product. They will consider anything they can do to avoid detection. Along these lines, Microsoft PowerShell has […]


Eliminating the Observer Effect in Malware Analysis

We have a mission at VMRay to build the ultimate malware Panopticon with a twist. The original 18th century Panopticon design was conceived as a way to monitor inmates in an institution in such a way that they could never know where or when they were being observed – so they would be forced to always […]


VMRay Analyzer 1.10 is here: STIX/CybOX, SIEM, PowerShell & more

We’ve just released V 1.10 and we’re well on the way to building the ultimate Panopticon for malware. To reach that goal with automated malware analysis and detection, three criteria must be met: The analyzer must scale The analyzer must avoid detection & evasion by the malware being analyzed The analysis results must be complete and […]


7ev3n-HONE$T –Ransomware for the rest of us

The ransomware 7ev3n-HONE$T is a new version of an existing ransomware, 7ev3n, with a twist – a much lower ransom fee. Early this year, as reported in January by Graham Cluley, BleepingComputer and others, the original 7ev3n ransomware was spotted in the wild encrypting victims‘  files on Windows machines and demanding a rather steep ransom […]


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