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Mary sent me an invoice – should I open it?

No, Word doc isn’t an invoice and I didn’t order the poodle hair trimmer. A lot of malware our customers see on a daily basis with VMRay Analyzer come in the form of malicious email attachments, mostly Office or PDF files. Of course, we use VMRay Analyzer to analyze and protect our own email traffic and -sometimes- to […]


Take a URL, hit 'Submit', and get a browser exploit analysis

Automated browser exploit analysis in VMRay – a detailed look Analyzing browser exploits in a sandbox can be a laborious task and it poses several challenges. One of the most demanding hurdles is deciding what particular parts of the software stack to monitor. The naive approach of monitoring all related browser processes thorougly results in tons of data, diluted […]


Back to the past: Using Intel’s Processor Trace for enhanced analysis

Using Processor Trace feature to uncover hidden functionality during malware analysis In this blog post we give an overview of  Intel’s new processor feature called Processor Trace and describe how it can be applied to enhance our 3rd generation threat detection technology. We outline the integration of Processor Tracing into VMRay Analyzer for identifying and triggering hidden functionality of […]


Pafish: How to Test your Sandbox Against Virtualization Detection

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on February 6, 2018. Editor’s Note: This post was updated on October 16, 2019. VM Detection – Passing the Pafish Test Paranoid Fish (pafish) is a tool for detecting malware analysis environments, replicating what malware will do in the wild to detect if it is being analyzed. It comes with […]


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