Malware Analysis Innovation is in our DNA

At VMRay, we are focused on a single mission: to help organizations of all sizes protect themselves against the growing global malware threat. Our automated malware analysis and detection solutions help enterprises around the world minimize business risk, protect their valuable data and safeguard their brands.

Led by Industry Pioneers

Our founders, Dr. Carsten Willems and Dr. Ralf Hund, were early pioneers in automated malware analysis and detection, developing breakthrough technologies that continue to lead the industry. They founded VMRay to transform their research into practical solutions for making the online world a safer place.

Technical to the Core

VMRay is owned, led and staffed by technical experts dedicated to serving technical professionals. We understand your needs and challenges. And we are committed to continuously developing solutions that keep you a step ahead of the hackers.

Delivering Real Value

Our VMRay Analyzer Platform is the most sophisticated malware sandbox available. By enabling security professionals to rapidly detect and analyze malware that other technologies miss, we help preserve and enhance their organizations’ reputations and value.