Building a Cybersecurity Program

May 5th, 2021 – 10:30 AM (EST)

Security is something that if you do it well people don’t see. But according to a Gartner Report, traditional cybersecurity teams are not prepared to address new cybersecurity risks that digital business initiatives introduce. This is a challenge that Senior Cybersecurity Engineer for Valvoline, Jim Byrge tackles daily. Jim and team have developed a cybersecurity program that empowers the team and creates unity across all the tools in his ecosystem.

In this expert webcast series, learn how Jim and his team built his cybersecurity program at Valvoline. Attendees of this webcast will learn:

  • Characteristics of people needed in the cybersecurity program
  • The iterative process of Detection/Response, Collection, Testing, and Deployment
  • The workflow of a cybersecurity program
  • How to choose and implement the right tools for your environment

Jim Byrge, Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer, Valvoline

Ben Abbott, Solutions Engineer, VMRay

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