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VTI SCORE: 97/100
Dynamic Analysis Report
Classification: Dropper, Riskware, Downloader, Trojan, Ransomware

46c8e192bb6e37452c1b8029987a7c05f64b7766ff692731b050c402d91baa93 (SHA256)


Windows Exe (x86-32)

Created at 2018-11-19 13:55:00

Notifications (2/5)

Some extracted files may be missing in the report since the maximum number of extracted files was reached during the analysis. You can increase the limit in the configuration settings.

The maximum number of reputation file hash requests (20 per analysis) was exceeded. As a result, the reputation status could not be queried for all file hashes. In order to get the reputation status for all file hashes, please increase the 'Max File Hash Requests' setting in the system configurations.

The overall sleep time of all monitored processes was truncated from "3 minutes" to "10 seconds" to reveal dormant functionality.

The operating system was rebooted during the analysis.


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